Where are the English pages?

Dear Asterix-Fan!

I'm very sorry, but these pages are not available in English. Not because I am too lazy to translate all pages or my English is too bad (well that might be extra reasons), but for the reason, that the translators didn't translate Asterix literally, they used country-specific phrases and allegories.

What does that mean for these pages?


The comics differ from the same in other languages. It starts with different names. Asterix and Obelix are still Asterix and Obelix, but that's all. The chief Vitalstatistix is called in German Majestix and Unhygienix is called Verleihnix
(what means: I don't lend anything!).


An english coverThe quotations differ also. What in Germany is a quotation of Goethe (I don't know, what it was in the french original) becomes in the UK one's of Lord Byron.

That means, most of the statistics and lists on these pages are of no use to Asterix-fans in Wales, New Zealand, Paraguay or wherever.

What a pity, isn't it?


But there's no need to be sad: I can recommend the page


, which means art. You can compare the original painting and Uderzo's interpretation in the Asterix-Albums.

If you are looking for KIPEPE / SWAHILI, this is the link: